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Welcome to Slash.

Founded in 1995.
Slash is a strategic design studio.
We think for purpose and impact, driven by our natural makers spirit.

This is who we are.

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Our unofficial guides to stuff.

We’re not very protective of our secrets and our unofficial guides are lists of the things we think you should enjoy as much as we did.



From a Slash LAB, to an amazing company.
The coolest bikes on the planet.

We ride bikes and we make bikes. But it’s not really just about bikes.

We make urban adventure machines, beautiful fixed gear and single speed bikes that get you from A to B while also looking really good.
Getting places is important, but who you go with and the community that is formed around the going is what gets us excited. Put simply, riding is an excuse for hanging out with good people and enjoying the freedom that a life behind bars offers.

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