Our unofficial guide
to Iceland.


Iceland has a mythical vibe to it. Maybe it’s the black sand, the glaciers, viking tales, Game of Thrones backdrops, or the barren landscapes that give it magic? Whatever it is we needed to go and find out, so we did.

And here are the results of our full island, summertime, biking missions.

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A day in Reykjiavik

Morning coffee and waffles at Mokka Kaffi
Even though we were there in summer I can only imagine how it is to have a coffee in this cosy place during winter.

Stop at Nordic House
Alvar Aalto’s project in Reykjavik
Make sure you do the audio tour of the building and if it’s a Wednesday in summer come back at night for an Icelandic jazz concert.

Shopping at Myconceptstore
A local concept store, with a great vibe and very strong identity. Not only does it have a very good selection of international stuff, but also their own jewellery designs.
While you are there, talk with the owner, a designer, doing her craft at her workbench.
(And because you’re there, next door there’s another concept store…)


Coffee stop at Asmundarsalur
Not only is it a beautiful mid-century building (and very close to Hallgrimskirkja - the famous pointy church), but it has a great vibe inside.
Make sure to sneak up to the first floor and check the views.

Shopping at Fischer
If you like Sigur Ros, good design, a unique approach to smell and a great shopping experience, you have to go to Fischer.

Lunch at Grandi Matholl
If you don’t know what you really want for lunch and can deal with Iceland not having a McDonalds, there are a couple of very interesting food courts in Reykjavik that will give you very good options.
This is our favorite.

Bread at Brauo & Co
Wherever we go we look for great bread. Well, Marta does. With several locations in Reykjavik, this bakery is one hundred percent bready goodness.


Shopping at Geysir
If you like cool stuff, and go to Iceland, you have to stop at Geysir.
They have several locations across the country, but in Reykjavik you’ll find the three shops in the same street: woman, man and house.

Bikes at Kria
We also always look for the best bike shop in town. This is it.

Dinner at Kex Hostel
Kex is the first thing/place we knew in Iceland, from a long time back, and also a place we wanted to stop because of our recent search for the best modern hostels in the world. We had to go there.

Owned by the guys from Dill and Systir, it didn’t disappoint. Probably the best meal we had in Iceland, with great craft beer, and a very raw and honest environment.


East coast

If you’re looking for a memorable road trip, spend as much time as possible on the East coast. Every turn brings you another WOW moment.

Take your time to stop in the little villages here. Yes, it takes time to get there, but it’s worth it.

We loved Djupivogur (very small, but very nice, with the best deserts at Vio Voginn),

Seydisfjordur has a great drive to get there, and then, out of nowhere, and in the middle of nowhere, a beautiful hipster street, and great food and craft beer, like Hotel Aldan).

If you’re riding bikes, make sure you climb your way back out of town. It will hurt, but it’s totally worth it.



This was a great stop on our road trip. A lot of places to take great pictures, and then some memorable stops.

Midnight pool at Myvatn Nature Baths

Great dinner at Vogafjos Farm

And if you’re into Game of Thrones, Grjotagja Cave



Lunch stop. In fact, double lunch.

It started with a very nice meal and beer at the Akureyri Backpackers and continued with the best hotdog in Iceland, Akureyri Hotdog Stand (ask for the black bread thing)



Our second favorite part of the country.
Either as a day trip out of Reykjavik, or as part of your Ring Road drive, you should head here.
On your way to see the seals (down the road), this stop is a humble one, but with great food and coffee at
Hotel Rjukandi

Then, cross the mountain, and go see the lava fields in the north of the peninsula, do the F-Road (gravel), and make sure you stop for the best ice-cream in Iceland.
Like in New Zealand, this middle-of-nowhere farm not only has the best Skyr ice cream, but we went there twice (hundreds of kilometers for ice cream…).
Erpsstadir Creamery