Founded in 1995,
Slash is a strategic design studio.
We think for purpose and impact, driven by our natural makers spirit.

We are a living project.
Always evolving, constantly curious and constantly learning, aiming to be better today than we were yesterday.
We’ll never reach perfection but we’ll have an exciting time chasing it.


We use the word “we” a lot because we are a collective of people; designers, entrepreneurs, architects, creatives, triathletes, film geeks, mothers, fathers, thinkers, doers…

Slash is a sum of many parts, and the most important parts, the parts that make the whole thing work, are our people.

We’re held together by our shared values and beliefs, not just around work but around life, the main belief being that what we do matters. 

We love solving problems and design is our weapon of choice. It’s how we interpret the world and how we try to make the world a little bit better tomorrow than it is today.

What we do doesn’t define us. Who we are defines us.

You know what.

Our most valuable conversations are the ones that start with “you know what would be cool?” They always end somewhere interesting.

And that’s where we’re always trying to get - somewhere interesting via good ideas and good design.

The “you know what would be cool” question lets our possibilities wander to some good places and those places are usually where the biggest problems find their answers.

The Slash studio

Who do we work with,
and how do we approach them?

Every organization has different needs, and over all these years in the market we have realised that our offer has to be adapted to different situations, delivering tailored impact, through a flexible business model.



Charging for services is our most common way of engagement with large and mid-sized organizations. This is what we do everyday, and do very well.

We’ve built a consultancy based business model, where our fees are significantly lower than major networked agencies, without loosing anything on the way. In fact, we believe we deliver more through the close tailored involvement we have through the way we work.


Our startup offer works a bit like venture capital. Instead of investing capital, we provide services for equity in a startup businesses. This is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ offer, since not all startups are aligned with our vision, and that alignment is a fundamental part of the whole relationship.

Yes, we risk part, or all, of our standard fees to back entrepreneurs in making their ambition a reality, but the reward is mixing with some very fresh and very innovative people and ideas.


Since the foundation of Slash some of our most impactful work has been with not-for-profit organizations.

Each year we work with a small number of charities, cultural organizations and social enterprises where we offer our work to projects we believe in, and to the leaders whose ability we trust to implement it. In all these projects Slash’s team gets involved not only with our professional skills, but also through traveling to the locations to implement it.


Our offer

Our services are divided into three areas that better define how we organize our offer.


Brand audits & reviews
Brand strategy
Brand purpose and positioning
Brand architecture
Brand management
Business design


Brand identity
Design systems
Brand books & style guides
Branded spaces
Environmental & retail design
Industrial design


Design research
Content strategy
Research & insights
Narrative & brand voice
Content creation


The Team.

Slash is the people.
No idea or solution makes any sense without each one of these amazing humans involved.

We need each other to deliver the most amazing work and if we don’t have the laughs and the random lunch conversations amongst the work then we’re not us.

What we value in our team.

Being a good person always beats having a good portfolio.

We are each others backups and problem solving is always a team sport.

Brainstorm with no expectation. We don’t need an outcome to value the process of having good ideas.

Don’t bring your ego, it won’t work here.

Be who you are. If you’re weird be weird. Honesty always beats its opposite.

Boredom is boring. Take ownership and you’ll never run out of things to do and never be bored.

Always bring snacks. We value snacks.

Do you want to join the team?

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we are super selective and hiring decisions are based on way more than portfolios.

The good news is that we’re always open to expanding our circle of friends and starting a conversation with you.

So, holla.


And we don’t stop!

Some of us like to swim, bike and/or run.

You’re welcome to join us!

Currently, jammed in between a lot of other stuff, and many races, we have two weekly sessions:

Slash Running Club
Mondays, 6pm
Starting at Slash (Bay Square), and running along the Canal.
For all levels of fitness