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This page used to be called ‘jobs’ but then we realised that for everyone on our team this is a bit more than just a job, and the idea that this is not a 9-5 type deal means that people looking for a job immediately don’t fit the profile. And that’s ok.

We’re going somewhere, if joining that journey sounds rad then the form below is all yours.


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Not your name, you just answered that, but what makes you you?

The Slash guide to Slashing.

Being a good person always beats having a good portfolio.

We are each other backups & problem solving is always a team sport.

Brainstorm with no expectation. We don’t need an outcome to value the process of having good ideas.

Don’t bring your ego, it won’t work here.

Be who you are. If you’re weird be weird. Honesty always beats its opposite.

Boredom is boring. Take ownership and you’ll never run out of things to do and never be bored.

Always bring snacks. We value snacks.