Renata x Copenhagen


We're firm believers in the goodness of travel.
Whether it's for work or play we've always got team members coming and going and dosing up on their Vitamin T - it's good for the soul and increases inspiration heaps. It's science.

Renata, one of our designers, recently traveled to Copenhagen for a week of artsy wandering punctuated by good food and cold weather. With a background in interior and furniture design and a city rich in design and art culture the tale of her wanderings is definitely worth a read.

Here's the best bits of Renata x Copenhagen.

The highlight of my trip

The Fredericia Showroom and seeing Ellsworth Kelly’s drawings in person.
Ellsworth Kelly is my favourite artist, his work is so simple and his lines so beautiful.  I was so happy to see his work in person, even if it was just his sketches. 
Fredericia showroom was probably the nicest place I saw in Copenhagen, it's one of my favourite furniture brands and seeing it live was unreal. It's spread across two floors and the space, the furniture, the balcony overlooking the city, and even the staff are all so amazing.

Ellsworth kelly Sketch
Frederica showroom copenhagen
Ellsworth Kelly Sketch


The most interesting place I visited

Louisiana Museum and the Botanical Garden. The glass house, in particular, was spectacular, and there are little hidden spots with benches all throughout the gardens.

My favourite design/art piece 

David Hockney - Imagining the Grand Canyon.
I'd never seen his work in person and never really had an opinion on his work, but the piece was huge and the colours are so vibrant that you could literally feel the energy coming off it. It actually felt warm sitting in front of it and there was something so positive in the work.


Top tips for anyone visiting Copenhagen

Must visits:
- Botanical Garden - a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. 
- Louisiana Museum - amazing location by the sea, Interior and exterior are beautiful. 
- Design Museum - super chaotic but concentrated on furniture and industrial design, which I love.
- Copenhagen Contemporary - Very visual with most of the exhibition projected onto the walls. The space is amazing, right by the sea with this cool little food market next to it.
- Restaurant Honey — super cute, very minimal and a little bit experimental with interesting food. It has very nice branding, so I "borrowed" a menu.
- Cafe Granola - very retro place that makes you feel like you're eating breakfast decades ago.
- Christiania - A small town inside Copenhagen that has its own set of rules. Full of makers and art and craft and it feels like stepping into a hippie commune. Really free spirited and interesting
- Any rooftop but specially Fredericia’s balcony (WOW) - It's stunning because of the views. The whole space is stunning. 

Botanical garden copenhagen
restaurant honey copenhagen
botanical garden copenhagen
restaurant Honey Copenhagen
Botanical garden copenhagen
louisiana museum
Botanical garden copenhagen
Louisianna museum


Applying what I learned on my trip, back at Slash

The Danish attention to detail and respect for their environment is impeccable, from small cafes, little concept stores, building facades, museums, parks, even the way they dress. And there are bikes everywhere! Different sizes, shapes, even the ones where you can almost just lay down and peddle...and age doesn’t matter.

Their graphic design is very much based on typography, very similar to German/Swiss design.

Their interiors are full of natural light and wood which is complimented with beautifully selected furniture.

copenhagen artweek 2017