Creating a brand that accurately represents such a unique and complex figure, one who is revered as the Father of the Nation.
Making the new brand accessible to Emiratis and expats within the UAE, as well as an international audience.

Releasing the brand into a setting where the name and image of Sheikh Zayed is already widely used in many different and unaligned ways.
Tackling the obvious difficulties this produces with a very messy and unstructured visual landscape.


A brand that captures the essence of such an important figure, is accessible to the local and international public, and is timeless enough to last far beyond the celebration year of 2018.

Creating a recognizable and repeatable icon in the form of a monogram and accompanying symbols, designs that are simple enough for anyone to be able to apply across multiple platforms.

A formal and respectful design which is also timeless in its aesthetics and able to be applied across the entire communication spectrum, which is multilayered and handled on may different public and private levels.

The impact

First time converting Sheikh Zayed into an official graphic representation and adapting the memory of him as a leader and public figure into a tangible brand.

Developing a coherent and genuine graphical representation of Sheikh Zayed that the population can adopt as their own symbol, one that is tangible, and beyond just a memory.