The Challenge

Developing a brand for a newly created international hospitality chain that was challenged with entering a very saturated market where being different was nearly impossible.

The newly created ownership company was buying property and investing worldwide, with each property having its own style and identity. The new name and brand would need to glue all the pieces together and fuse it into something that was both recognizable and unique in its own way.


The Outcome:

A contemporary and very efficient name and brand that creates and encapsulates the new positioning of The Local.

Connecting all the varied locations, accompanying cultures and identities of the different hotels through the theme of pride in being local and offering what is local.

Distancing the brand from the idea of being an international chain, and focusing instead on the uniqueness of each location.


The impact

Creating a brand that is proud of being local, and that not only respects, but enhances the uniqueness of each location.

Creating a new positioning for a business that could have gone down many more traditional routes.