The Heritage Abu Dhabi


The Challenge

Leading the new positioning of a UAE architectural heritage marker and ex-military facility.

The need to remove existing barriers, reach for a level of accessibility, and present a welcoming brand in a difficult market context. 

Addressing the challenges of operating as a stand alone hotel, without a wider brand, and surrounded by hundreds of hotels, mostly international chains with lots of experience.

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The Outcome

A brand inspired by a timeless heritage, but outworked in a contemporary way that addresses all the challenges.

Places the hotel as one of the first theme based hotels in the region, drinking from the true culture, heritage, and history of the UAE through an extensive research processes.

Complex brand touchpoints required the brand be applied across things like the hotel space as well as products and objects inside hotel, such as lamps and chairs.


The Impact

The transition from military to non military was smooth and the past was respected in such a way that all stakeholders were extremely happy and even more invested in the success of the project.

The creation of a new way of researching UAE heritage through developing a seamless relation between the cultural heritage and contemporary design, arriving at another reason for pride in the country.