Finding The Story is Hard Too

Those cliffs, the drone shots, the little figure running solo on the edge, his theory of running as therapy, his day job as the pastor on one of the worlds most remote islands - it’s a small but really good story.

As impressive as the cinematography, the landscape, and the story of a pastor who regularly runs long distances in the wintery conditions, is the ability to find the story in the first place.
Telling the story is one thing, finding it is another, and sometimes no matter how good the story and the way it was captured is, finding it was the real win.

So let’s hear it for the guy who runs the snowy, cliff edge trails. Let’s hear it for the ones who work through freezing fingers to film it all, and the editors who pulls it all together after the fact.
But let’s give special appreciation to the one who finds the story in the first place. Of all the islands in all the world…

Jonny KennaughSlash, video, running