The First Class Bus Stop

A few years ago the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai tried a little experiment where they turned AC equipped bus shelters into tiny convenience stores.
With shelving, fridges and even a little counter with a very trapped server behind it, the logic was probably that people were hot and had to wait so let’s sell them food and drink while they hang out in the cool AC.
The main problem was that they destroyed the core purpose of the bus stop - a free shelter from the heat - and created a (in)convenience store that left no room for commuters to actually wait, filling up the space with stuff that very few people actually needed.

The First Class Bus Stop concept by designer George Barratt-Jones is the social solution to the commercial direction of the Dubai offer, giving people something they can really use while they wait - an experience.

And at the end of the day that’s what the best design is right? An experience, not just a way to sell something.

You can check out more of George’s work HERE