What Came Back from Holiday

The only thing better than getting Slashers back in the studio after a holiday is seeing what cool and weird bits and pieces they brought back with them.
We just wrapped up a nice little Eid break and some random stuff came back in Slashers suitcases paired with some good stories.

We thoughts we’d share a few:

Postcard /
Sous-bois Print shop in Vienna.

I love print shops, I love seeing what designs they have and checking out all the illustrations, and I also like to think that one day I’ll do the same kind of stuff.
These postcards were all limited editions so you know you’ll only find it there - direct from designer and done for the love not for money or mass production.

Street zine /
Kabinet Passage, Museums District, Vienna.

I found this little street zine in one of the tunnel/passage things in the Museums District. Each one cost 1 euro and you would put the coin in a slot, open a little box that held a single mag, and pull it out, leaving the box empty.
This particular zine is more visual culture related and it immediately looked fun. Plus it’s the cheapest thing I found in Vienna.


Giraffe Mug /
Arucia National Park, Tanzania

So, we’re in this super foresty safari park that’s famous for its giraffes. We’re in a car, watching a group of baboons doing their thing around us.
We had one of our windows down a little bit and all of a sudden this massive baboon jumps in through the smallest gap and is in the car with us. And not just in the car, but on my mums lap. And not just relaxed and chill, more like wild and making all its primate monkey noises and stuff.
We were freaking out, while trying not to actually freak out in a confined space with a wild baboon. Our guide sprayed it with a bottle of water, which got it off my mums lap at least, but not before it did the most horrendous smelling poo on her.
It wasn’t done there though - it stole a bag of peanuts and a banana, jumped back out the window and took off.
We had a split second to roll up the window before all the other baboons, who also wanted an air conditioned bathroom with peanuts and bananas, tried to do the same thing.

And then I brought this mug.


Race number / Dijon, France

This is my race bib from the first ever international fixed gear world cup - Fixed Nations in Dijion, France.
I always bring bibs back from races and this one is specials because I’m the first Portuguese to participate in first world cup. Plus it has my name, which is always cool.
It was the most humbling race ever. I raced people who do that for a living, and it was hard. They put me in my place.

Glasses case/ Zagreb, Croatia

I needed sunglasses because it was sunny. You know how it is.

We found an antique store in the basement of a guys house and instead of taking us down there and murdering us we found he was selling his sunglasses and watch collection.
I bought some sunglasses and he offered me a free glasses case, and after digging through an old bin i found this gem from 1920.


Bag & Wallet / Freitag, Milan.

I’m an impulse shopper and at this point i’m pretty much a brand ambassador for Freitag. I don’t need their stuff, but I buy it anyway.
I bought these two pieces in Milan, which is where I’m gonna live one day. The food is awesome, the people are nice, the design is amazing and the architecture is even better. I’m in love.