Brand (for) Building

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?
(Yea, of course it does…maybe)
And if you invest a bunch of money in really good architects to design a beautiful building and then don’t tell anyone it exists, does it even exist?

The analogy is terrible, but the point is that in architecture and real estate, branding can often make or break a project. You can have the most amazing building or development in the world, but without a brand to communicate it and draw people to it you can be in real trouble. And why spend all that money on the building and then not invest properly in creating an identity and positioning it in the world.

The role branding plays in architecture and real estate is the topic our founder and CEO Nuno Abreu will be addressing at Harvard via a keynote address this week. He’s also part of a panel discussion called Mega Projects, navigating urban scale. Both are set to be pretty interesting discussion and at Slash we’ve worked on enough of these projects, and we study enough other projects, to understand some of the finer details and give pretty strong insights.

So if you happen to be around Harvard on March 11th (not the 12th as the flyer says) stop in and gather some insights from Nuno.

Otherwise, we’ll be dropping his insights and points here once he lands back in the desert. Stay tuned.

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