The Impact of Plastic

At Slash we view every project as an opportunity for impact, whether it's impact on our clients, the audience/customers, or our own team.
Creating beautiful things for the sake of beauty is nice, but creating them to have impact and lead to change is really powerful. Maybe that's why projects like the above are so captivating. 

StudioKCA pulled 5 Tons of plastic waste out of the ocean along the coast of Hawaii in order to build the 4-story tall whale and call attention to the other 149,999,995 tons of plastic waste still floating out there in the deep blue sea. If you happen to be in Bruges before September the 16th you can go check out the giant plastic whale for yourself.
You can also check out StudioKCA and some of their other amazing work by clicking here.

And if you're not that into whales then this rad sneaker collaboration between Parley x Adidas might be your jam. Running shoes made from ocean waste. Good move.