The Slash Guide to Bangkok

As the most visited city in the world, there must be a lot of reasons why so many people go to Bangkok, but we always just put it down to touristy...stuff. 
Serious designers go to Europe, not Thailand. 
And then we landed in Bangkok.
There's some serious design going on. 

Bangkok is bursting at the siams (that's not a spelling mistake, it's a really bad Thailand pun) with interesting design, fresh and well-executed concept stores, brands, spaces and ideas, some mid-century Japanese style architecture, and that whole cultural melting pot that global cities become.
We spent 6 days exploring as much of the creativity that Bangkok could throw at us and running them through our design & branding filters. There were way more hits than misses and by the end of our first of what will be many visits, we're certain that Bangkok is one of the most interesting and progressive cities as far as art, design, & branding goes.

Plus we got to tick off the Bangkok stores of two of our favourite brands - Freitag and Aesop.

Slash's top spots in Bangkok:

Landhaus Bakery. 
Fresh baked bread and pastries from an oven that was pre-heated for 1 whole month before opening day. We don't know much about bakery science but that sounds good right?

The kind of stylish yet understated food & drink hangout that seems to just naturally bring out good conversations.

Al Mercado.
Capturing the Eurpoean market vibe and damn good food. 

The place Thai people take you to experience good Thai food. Enough said.

The Bunker.
Designed like an actual Bunker except unlike most bunkers this one has a bar and a restaurant. 

The Hive.
A five floor co-working universe with plenty of space + a cafe + a rooftop terrace + a mini spa & massages. You know a co-working space is good when it includes massages. 

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Bangkok by night
Alley Way Walking Bangkok
The Hive Bangkok co working space
The Hive Co Working space Tonglor Bangkok
Organic Cafe Bangkok
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Peach Gate Bangkok