And the Winning Slogan is...

world cup retro montage

Whether or not you're into the games (have you created your fantasy team!?) you might at least appreciate some of the nonsense surrounding the spectacle, like the Fifa/Hyundai competition asking users to create the slogans for each of the 32 teams.

And better than that competition (and maybe the World Cup in general if it's not your thing) is This piece from Creative Review looking at every single winning team slogan and how it works as a call to action for each team. Hint: Most slogans don't work and the article is funny. 

Case in point - the winning entry for Poland - "Polska Dawaj!" which translates to "Go Poland."

On a serious note, it also says a lot about large scale corporate competitions like this that are adverse to taking any risk or leaping for anything remotely exciting, sacrificing some possibly very interesting picks for safety. 

Go Poland.
And go read the article.