How to Make Rooms Grow

It's real life magic ya'll! 

Our first viewing of the Apple HomePod ad was met with some raised eyebrows and appreciative head nods for the concept and the execution, but it was probably all just a good idea made real with post-production effects right?

Not even.

It turns out that very little of the ad was put together in post-production and that crazy dancing and expanding apartment, the stretching colours, and the movement was all practical effects pulled together in a crazy warehouse choreography.

Spike Jonze strikes again.

Seeing an impressive final product is cool, but the magic is always in the creative and making process that brought that final product to life, and every "how'd they do that" moment in the Apple ad is conveniently answered with a "how'd they do that" behind the scenes video.

Bonus section: If you appreciate Spike Jonze then his video blowing up a skate park (and nearlly some skaters) in super slo-mo to one of the best tracks ever recorded is a must see.