Just Run

Resident Runners New York City

Of course running is good for you.

We know it first hand, that's why our team Strava is constantly ticking over (proof here).
The health benefits are pretty obvious, and if you run with others you'll understand that it's also good for your soul.

It's also hard, but Urban Running Crews are making it less about the hard and more about the enjoyable. 

Whether it's the group vibes, the emphasis on hanging out pre or post-run, the distinction between a "club" and a "crew", the food, or the intentional silliness factor, Urban Running Crews are about way more than just running.
And that's where they collide with good design - it's about the experience, the community, engagement, fun, and a whole lot of the other nice buzzwords that, make something awesome.
Urband Running Crews are capturing the magic that is 'doing fun things with other people', and you'll find some really great design lessons in the article.

Click through to the full Runners World piece HERE

Maybe it'll inspire you to lace up the sneakers and hit the streets?