The Challenge

Addressing the expectations of a population that were anticipating a very popular festival that was now not happening.
Giving them something in return that marked the beginning of the transition from construction to a fully operational space.

Working to these expectations without giving any form of public access to the space and instead converting a physical barrier into an interactive element, rather than a point of division.

the outcome

A massive 1.5km long hoarding complete with interactive elements and previews of the future site, allowing the public to interact with the site without revealing too much.

An increased expectation towards the future moment of the Qasr Al Hosn opening.

A very complex use of techniques, encompassing graphic, object, and space design,
architecture, 3D renders, sketches, photography and live crafting.

The incorporation of a month long live event activations at multiple points around the wall.


The Impact

Kick starting the communal process of ownership of the space by the public of Abu Dhabi, as what had been inaccessible became more accessible and more tangible.

Successfully mixing contemporary design techniques with cultural heritage crafts.

Creating an overall moment of pride for the population.

Qasr Al Hosn crane
Qasr Al Hosn
Qasr Al Hosn emirati men
Qasr Al Hosn
Qasr Al Hosn