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The Challenge

To create a new fitness concept for cyclists, based on the most recent technology available for high-level training, while offering several other bike related services.


the outcome

The first specialised cycling & triathlon gym and lifestyle brand in Dubai, custom built to help athletes get the most out of their training and be a recognised name at regional and international events.


BR started as a simple space design, with Slash brought in to design a physical space for a predominantly offline brand. Through our process of stepping back to look at the overall business and brand before diving into design it was clear that the opportunity with Bespoke Ride was far greater than a single physical space. 
Working closely with the client, understanding his larger vision and the potential of the brand, the Bespoke Ride model was expanded to include a full rebrand, a bike studio, a pro triathlete team, a gym, coffee shop, and retail area. The greatest challenge with bringing this brand to life was engaging with an existing, specialised and fast growing community.

The physical space now became the home base for a multi-layered brand, and a much larger bicycle & triathlon based offering. 
A warehouse in one of Dubai's industrial areas became that home base and a unique design formed around shipping containers was created, using the warehouse as the shell and the containers as the two floor internal solution. What started as a design idea with shipping containers became a great space solution and then one of the best ambassadors for the project.


The full multi functional sporting facility, dedicated to cycling and triathlon was unique to Dubai at the time and running in parallel with the business model we designed a business strategy focusing on new membership models, growth prospects, outside investors and long term development of the space and brand.

The challenge with the brand itself was taking it from a personal brand created by the owner with heavy emotional investment, and developing it for a much broader audience. Needing it to both visually direct and subtly rest within the new space meant hours on site designing to the space, everything from vinyl signage to interior layouts.