The Challenge

To create a new brand for the UAE market that would mix contemporary design with true Emirati identity, impacting both local and international audiences.

A brand that would mix traditional and modern techniques and approach the market with a new retail concept.

The Outcome

Diving deep into the market research, to understand the differences between what is currently sold as a representation of Emirati heritage and what is the real representation of Emirati identity.
Creating contemporary, non commercial objects from raw ideas, objects that are conceptual more than literal and that have a narrative at their heart.

All held within a clean, minimalistic brand that allows the objects to be the heroes and is content to be in the shadows.

Designing a space that is the container for the products, building a very fluid and simple customer experience that will take the customer as fast as possible to the heroes that are the products.

The Impact

Creating of a brand which truly reflects an Emirati identity of the 21st century, one which young and old can all look at and see as their own.

It is not purely commercial but is really rooted in the history and culture of the UAE. Emiratis can not only see their culture in the objects, but understand the deep respect for their culture in the objects.