Bring a passion project, the vision of a movement, and a brand to life as a business centered around people and the desire to be yourself.


THE outcome

Kingdom - A brand making custom bicycles, as unique as the people that ride them, with a clothing line, a store, a coffee shop, events, a riding club, and lots of good vibes.


Kingdom started life in 2015 as a streetwear fashion brand driven by a vision to be as much of a movement as a label.
With an initial run of custom t-shirts sold online Kingdom was developing a look and feel but needed to develop a plan to get from where it was to where the founders knew it could be.

Kingdom collided with Slash in 2016, becoming the first official Slash Lab. As an idea incubator for start up's, entrepreneurs and good ideas the Slash lab was designed to help Kingdom take a step back and establish a clear identity, vision, and strategy for the brand.
Emerging from the lab were five core ideas, that Kingdom would be driven by happiness, a for purpose business, built on urban culture and lifestyle, a brand that formed communities, and was intentional about having fun.

Through the Slash partnership the refined business strategy saw investors brought on board and a plan to take over the world put in place.


Run out of Tempe, Arizona, the foundational brand identity and values allowed Kingdom to quickly expand its offerings, and it opened a store/co-working space for events and retail, formed the Kingdom Riding Club, developed its clothing range and grew into an iconic part of the local urban scene.

The most recent Slash backed venture was one of the first online stores for customizable bicycles, offered at a price range far below anything else on the market.

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