The Challenge

Building a brand that respects the person, heritage and history of an existing park but at the same time constructs a new position and a bridge with the future.

Taking the space from a gated family park to a vibrant and open community space with the Sheikha Fatima name being the only remaining element.

Working on all of the above while building a brand architecture to solve the puzzle of an intricate new project segmentation involving elements such as retail, leisure, and education.

The Outcome

A vibrant, dynamic, and complete brand that address all challenges and captures the different elements of the park and the diverse audience it serves.

The creation of sub brands and a brand language system to solve the segmentation challenge and provide an understandable structure to the complexity of the project and the new positioning.

The Impact

A welcoming, human, and organic brand that simplifies what could have been an overly complex destination.

A brand that solves the challenges in a simple way while still respecting the person, name, and legacy of Sheikha Fatima, without going too far.