The Challenge

Capturing both the energy of Expo 2020 and the future promise of the event site in a brand that speaks to the future of Dubai itself

Historically, the legacy of Expo events, what comes after the world fair, have always been a challenge.
Leaving something that is useful and aligned with everyday life often proves difficult and there are only a few examples of this being done successfully. 

Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes, the Expo stakeholders started planning for the legacy of the event and the site far in advance, involving Slash on the branding and positioning of the legacy project.


The Outcome

Creating and developing a brand that forges its own identity while not becoming too detached from the existing Expo 2020 brand it draws from.
At the same time evolving a narrative to connect both Expo 2020 and District 2020.

Allowing for the communication to develop in its own way and for the diverse outworking of the brand to be effectively communicated.


The Impact:

Although the brand is for something that does not yet exist, the first stages of its unveiling have already seen a great amount of interest from people wanting to be involved with the brand.

Having people think of Expo 2020 as more than just the event, but also what comes after.