A Rocha



A Rocha is an international Christian organization which engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects. A Rocha projects have a community emphasis, bringing people from widely differing backgrounds together to work towards common goals.

Organizations located across 19 countries, are separately constituted charities belonging to the international A Rocha family which is overseen and supported by A Rocha International. Being separately constituted charities, many individual organizations have developed their own branding, while others have simply adopted the A Rocha International brand. The result is a muddled global identity for A Rocha, often with no obvious ‘family likeness’ discernible among the different identities of the national organizations.



The challenge was to develop a new global identity for the A Rocha family. A brand capable of demonstrating the individualism of each national organisation, yet is uniform and consistent as part of the international A Rocha family.

In our research, we asked each country to highlight keywords as well as four images that portrayed its projects. The research provided key information that enabled us to better understand the complexity and dynamics of the organizations. We developed A Rocha’s identity in three colours to reflect the diversity and international culture. The brand provides a unified identity, but with a flexibility that allow countries to appropriately represent themselves using a set range of interchangeable symbols and colours.

One of our main intentions was in providing a system that could easily be implemented, as some organizations expressed their limitations in budget and access to suppliers. We develop an expansive brand guideline detailing all aspects of brand adaptation, a database of templates, logo variations and photographic imagery. Organizations were then encouraged to produce their own communication materials, whether in large quantities at professional suppliers, or small quantities in-house with available resources.