The Challenge

Composing a graphical identity and visual communication language for the first underground park in the world, a massive architectural venture led by Thomas Heatherwick, one of the world’s most renowned architects.

Understanding that architecture was the hero of the project and the brand needed to respect and enhance that, using the space design as the theme for the graphical identity.


the outcome

A very simple and efficient brand that drinks from the fact that the park has two layers, a lower ground and street level which build the theme.
These 2 levels have different forms of experience, structured around going underground and experiencing nature.

The whole brand design is based on the main architectural feature of the huge crack in the ground, and out of that feature was created a graphical language that added complexity and flexibility to the brand and communication systems.


the impact

The brand does not compete with, but rather complements a very important architectural landmark, adding value to the project through a very unique communication and design approach.