Slash is A design consultancy.
We think for purpose and impact,
driven by our natural
makers spirit.

Slash Cave

We believe that every business decision is an opportunity for positive disruption. 
Our design-driven approach to business fosters an evaluative environment that consistently leads to solutions that help our clients evolve and grow.
And that is what has been motivating us since we started: helping organizations thrive through our approach focused on the human scale, designing the products, services, spaces, and digital experiences that make up our clients’ overall offer and brand experience.

Designing (for) businesses since 1995.
For more than 20 years we've been working on creating and improving businesses and adding real and tangible value to our clients.
Our approach to each new challenge is done through the lens of different disciplines and professionals all aligned with the same goal of delivering tangible and unique results.

Our team’s background gives us the foundations to deliver distinct solutions through exploring areas as diverse as management consultancy, architecture or design, and to adapt to the requirements of each engagement.

It is this agile and heterogenous skill set alongside our design-driven approach that consistently opens the door for disruptive thinking, ideas that create new strengths and competitive advantages for our clients to thrive on.



Yes, we do have the best team in the World!
A unique group of people that dedicate their lives to excellence, never settling for the "just enough", but aiming constantly at the next level, delivering unique pieces of design to our clients.



We like to swim, bike and run. At least some of us...