Slash is a strategic design studio. We think for purpose and impact, driven by our natural makers spirit.

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We are a collective of likeminded people, from various backgrounds and cultures, all sharing the same obsession with creating positive change. Our team is geared towards thinking and acting beyond borders and continuously creating new epicenters of impact, worldwide.

The core element at the center of our team and everything we do is to create impact and induce positive change.
Inherently our approach to any challenge needs to address that core desire for purpose. We call that Impactful Thinking.



Where we focus:



Identity is where everything starts and where everything circles back to.
An organization’s identity drinks directly from the shared vision and values. 
We grab those notions and work them into a holistic experience around a brand and its touch points.

Identity is:

/ Branding
/ Business design
/ Brand strategy
/ Visual identity
/ Naming

Hand doing stuff


One of the most important tasks behind what we do is empowering and communicating the brand.
We use content as a positive tool for driving organizations towards the envisioned future, linking it with the identity principles behind a brand.

Content is:

/ Brand Story
/ Brand Personality
/ Copywriting
/ Digital content
/ Social media

Inside space


The catalyst role that spaces play in activating a brand is often overlooked.
Our multidisciplinary team includes architects that help us see otherwise. 
The way a space, looks, feels or is experienced goes a long way to creating the right perception of a brand to customers, partners, and collaborators.

Space is:

/ Branded spaces
/ Retail experience
/ Customer journey
/ Brand Activation
/ Architecture

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Our interest in design has always been rooted in making, testing and prototyping.
We believe the most direct route towards impact is when ideas come to life. That belief naturally brings concepts into tangible things.

Making is:

/ Crafting
/ Product design
/ Prototyping
/ Sourcing management




Yes, we do have the best team in the world!
A unique group of people that dedicate their lives to excellence, never settling for the "just enough", but aiming constantly at the next level, delivering unique pieces of design to our clients.



Why (we don't have our portfolio on our website):

Because we don’t want to be defined by what we did in the past, but by who we are, and what we can do.
We have an amazing portfolio that we're really proud of and we'll sharing it with whoever ask, but we want to make sure that it’s not seen out of context, and we prefer to curate it to the specific needs of whoever is asking for it.
The second reason is that we don’t have favourite projects. Selecting them has always been very hard, and while we would like to share them all, having a portfolio with more than 100 projects doesn't make it easy.
Lastly, we work on a lot of projects that either can’t be shared or can only be shared after months, or even years, once they are officially finished. And we take our clients privacy seriously.
So, if you’re interested in knowing more about what we have been up to, just ask us!

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The Team
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And we don’t stop!

We like to swim, bike and run. At least some of us...